Just Say No!

I did it! I said no! Aren’t you all proud of me?

Here’s what happened:

On Monday, I got an email from the wedding party that I was going to play in on Saturday. This was supposed to be a simple wedding, not a lot of frou frou. All I was going to play was the processional and recessional. Not a problem. Well, apparently, she met up with an organist who gave her all kinds of dangerous ideas and the scope of this increased dramatically. I was now to play about 15-20 minutes of preludes, music during communion, and something I had never heard of, and would have no time to rehearse with the organist, for the recessional.

I said no. I was very polite about the whole thing, but I still said no. I used contacts I have to find her someone who could do something like that at the last minute, so it’s not like I left her in a lurch or anything. It’s all good. But I didn’t feel the need to try and grant her last minute wishes or anything like that. It wasn’t what I had agreed to do, so I felt ok in backing out. A few weeks ago I would have tried to scramble something together at the last minute and probably fallen on my face as a result. But ever since this post, I’ve been trying to be more careful about this sort of thing.

It’s nice to see the list of Things To Do grow shorter. Very relaxing.


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