The Lives of the Bold, Restless Children in the Hospital have the Light of the World

This post is part of the Monday Mission. Today’s mission: write your post in the form of a soap opera. For more missions operatives, visit Painted Maypole.

When we last left off….

Melissa’s over commitment causes things to come slightly unhinged in the household. There is much to be done around the humble abode, and she takes a day or two to try and deal with it. But something awaits.

Melissa: There. The laundry is started, the next couple of loads are queued up, and I have an action plan for the rest of the day. I think I’ll take a few minutes to eat some breakfast and read my very favorite blog in the entire universe, Painted Maypole.

A Voice: Ahem.

M: What was that?

A Voice: Just what do you think you are doing?

M: Who is that? Are you talking to me?

V: Oh please, no quoting DeNiro. It’s much too early for that kind of humor. But yes, I am talking to you, seeing as how you are the only sentient being in the house at the moment. Besides me and my brethren, of course.

M: I get the feeling that you aren’t one of the cats.

V: Snort. Oh please. Those hairballs? If you put your ear up to their heads, you can hear a dial tone.

M: So who and what are you?

V: My name is Lepus.

M: Lepus? What is a Lepus?

V: I am a dust bunny. And I am here to warn you.

M: Warn me?

V: Yes, warn you. My brethren and I like it here. So much so that we are starting an active campaign to bring others of our kind from other homes to settle here.

M: Is this some subtle jab at my housekeeping skills?

V: No. It’s not subtle. We like it here. We feel safe.

M: Well, not for long. I intend on some massive cleaning over the next few days so you guys are going to have to find some new digs.

V: Yes, we heard you talking to yourself about that this morning. By the way, that’s not healthy. Perhaps you should see someone about that.

M: Very funny. But seriously, I am going to get some cleaning done over the next few days, so you’ll have to be moving on or you’ll end up in my vacuum cleaner.

V: And that’s why I’m warning you. The Brethren will stop at nothing to protect their home. We will let nothing stand in our way.

M: This is a joke, right? What can a bunch of dust bunnies do?

V: Do not underestimate the power of the dust. We will have our way.

M: I’m not afraid.

V: Oh, but you will be (cue evil music)

Will Melissa get the house clean before Lepus and The Brethren take over? Or will she and her family become slaves to their empire? Stay tuned…


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