Not sure how I would spell out a primal scream…

but if I did, that would be the title of this post.

So as my two loyal readers know, I substitute teach. That’s part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much lately because I can’t stay up too late to look at blogs and I can’t write posts first thing in the morning like I used to. At least not every day. And since there are only 15 and a half days left of school, and two vacations I want to take this summer, I am trying to work as much as I possibly can.

Anyway, before I tell you why the primal scream, I need to update you on some goings on in the household or the rest of this will make less sense than usual.

Spouse and I, after much gnashing of teeth and renting of clothes, have decided to transfer the Things to another school. The new school uses the IB (International Baccalaureate) Primary Years Curriculum. It’s still in our district and not that far from our house (just by the Home Depot I like to haunt…how expensive do you think THAT will be long term?). It has a much smaller student body and I think that overall it is the right decision. Part of my reasoning for moving the soon to be fifth grader was because the fifth grade team at the current school is a mess and will be having 75% turnover next year. And the ones staying don’t exactly inspire me.

Today I subbed in the fifth grade and I was subbing for one of the math/science teachers. Today’s project was pretty cool: we were starting to build model rockets. This is something I could actually contribute on since I have built them with the Things in the past. They were your standard issue Estes rockets, nothing really fancy. All you have to do is follow the directions and you are fine.

So did we do that? No. She had her OWN directions to follow, ones that are going to make things difficult a bit later. But whatever, I’m just the sub right? So I helped out just kept my mouth shut. During the afternoon time, the third m/s teacher comes into our lab and tells us she’s uncomfortable with “all this technical stuff” and could someone help her out. Since the teacher I was subbing for was actually there (she had to administer a TAKS retest in Spanish today and the student finished early), I was sent down to this other teacher’s room and I taught the lesson. A totally unprepared sub was better at teaching this lesson than the science teacher.

While in there, this teacher admitted to me that science makes her uncomfortable and had done no prep work for this topic at all.

A science teacher. Uncomfortable with her subject. And this is one of the ones who is STAYING.

Hence the primal scream. And Spouse, since I know you are reading this, TOTAL justification for our decision.


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