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Haiku Friday 5/23/08

Haiku Friday

On Wednesday I wrote
Good Haiku for something else.
Sorry you missed it.

I am too lazy
To be creative again.
Click here to see it.

I hope that this week
I can go and visit all
Those who visit here.

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The most embarrassing workout story ever.

There is a giveaway at CityMama for the most embarrassing work out story. I wouldn’t normally share something so horribly embarrassing, but there is a Wii Fit at stake, and I’m willing to risk it. Besides, this is soooo mortifying, that it has a good chance of winning. Unless of course they pick randomly and then I’ve gone and put egg on my face for no good reason. Except your entertainment. When you are done here, go to CityMama, the hostess of this giveaway, and read more entries. Thanks!

A warning to the male readers of this blog: You may want to go here now.

So I’m in this “Yoga-works” class at my gym. It’s kind of an odd mix of yoga, strength training and cardio work. It’s pretty cool, but also pretty intense. Lots and lots and lots of ab work.

During this session of class, I was, sadly, enduring a visit from our dear “Aunt Flo”. And as such I was using the standard internal protection. Things were going along pretty well until we get to the ab work section. We were doing all kinds of things on the balance balls, and with the balance balls and really using those lower ab muscles to the hilt.

We got to this one pose where we had to squeeze and hold it.

And hold it.

And hold it.

And release.

And out the tampon squirted.

I was wearing loose yoga pants that day, so I was able to get to the restroom before too many people saw the blood running down my leg. But a few people did, mostly guys, and I just wanted to have the floor open up on me and swallow me up.

I think I stayed in the restroom for a good 20 minutes before I got the courage to go out there again.

So there you go. My entry into the competition. I hope it earns me what I’m looking for: an excuse not to show my face there again. 🙂