Daily Archives: May 29, 2008

I really miss Jim Henson

One of the cooler things about being a parent is introducing your kids to things that you liked when you were their age.

Right now, I am watching The Dark Crystal with them. This is a great fantasy movie with creatures from the Jim Henson universe. Ok, maybe not *that* great, but enjoyable nonetheless. It came out in 1982 and I remember watching it in the theater and countless times on HBO. I found it at my local grocery store for $5.00.

The kids are totally grooving on this. I’m so glad that they like so many of the things that Spouse and I did as growing up. When I get to share something that I enjoyed with them, and they enjoy it too, it is so satisfying.

But about the title. Jim Henson was so unbelievably talented and it was such a tragedy when he died so relatively young. I still can’t listen to Just One Person without breaking out into tears. Here, I’ll let you do it, too.

This has to be in my top five songs. Enjoy. 🙂