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Friday Haiku 6/27/08

Haiku Friday

When was the last time
I mentioned how wicked cool
My SIL is?

Well, she is. And why?
She will take care of my kids
While we go have fun.

We’re off to Carmel*
Fifteenth Anniversary.
Going to have fun!

So, see you next week!
Will not post ’til I get back.
Catch up with you then.

*Actually, we’re staying in Monterey. But they are really close together, and Monterey was causing syllable problems, so there ya go. Either way, I’m leaving town today and won’t be back until next week. See ya!


There’s only one thing that smells like bacon*…

I’ve decided that I find the oddest things at grocery stores. No one else seems to find these things but me.

Today, while browsing through (and yes, I go to the store waaaay too much), I saw these in the pet aisle: ZenPuppy dog treats. Now, I am not a dog person, so it always amazes me what people will spend on their dogs. But anyway, these are HERBAL dog treats that are trans-fat free. Because we all know that when it comes to treats, the first thing your dog will think of is herbs. And keeping track of their trans-fat intake. The thing that really caught my attention was the graphic on each bag. Really cracked me up. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them. So I guess they did their job. ZenPuppy comes in four varieties:

For your crazy dog, get them the “Peace” ZenPuppy. Not sure if you can read it, but underneath it says “for wild, crazy, unruly dogs”. Check out the meditative stance of the pooch there. I wonder what kind of “herb” these are made out of…

If you dog is concerned about their appearance, get them the “Beauty” ZenPuppy. This will clear up their skin, make their coat nice and shiny, and get rid of that pesky doggy breath. But this dog looks like a ninja to me. What do you think?

If your dog’s get up and go has got up and gone, get him the “Senior” ZenPuppy. Again, I’m not sure I want to know what kind of “herb” gets used for this one. But this dog seems pretty perky, so I’m thinking it might work.

Finally, if your dog is a little clumsy, try the “Agile” ZenPuppy. Actually, this is supposed to help their hips and all, which I know can be a serious problem for dogs. So, I guess this is MSM for dogs, right? This poochie seems pretty spritely, so it might be worth a try.

So there ya go. Herbal remedies for your dog. Available at your local grocery store.

Stay tuned for more weird stuff I find there. They just totally renovated the store closest to me, so I’m bound to find all kinds of new, fun products.

Next up: Son of Greenbag!

*Do you remember that commercial? It was awesome! I think it was for Beggin’ Strips or something like that. Anyway, the dog was going crazy smelling bacon and he said, “There’s only one thing that smells like bacon and that’s BACON!” It’s a major joke in this house.

Pick Two

This seems to be the story of my life lately.

Some of you may get the reference, but for those who don’t, here’s the context:

Your (enter name of project here) can be done quickly, well, and under budget. Pick two.

Let’s start with the DIY. Ideally, I would have wanted a high quality project done quickly and cheaply. Well, of those three, cheap is not negotiable. So I’m doing it myself and it is taking me a while. But the other two parameters have been met and that’s cool. Even if it means I don’t finish before leaving town this week.

And then there’s daily life. Clean the house, run errands, and help the kids with their stuff. A car with good gas mileage, cargo capacity, and reasonably priced. Food (both eat out and home cooked) that is easy/fast, inexpensive, and healthy. Pick two.

Anyway, it just seems to me that lately I’m having to decide what is more important and just working with what I can the best I can. Some days it works, like the DIY. Others? Well, not so much. Sometimes that leftover third isn’t as negotiable as you would like to think and you end up having to compensate in other ways later on. Like if I always picked “clean house” over “help kids”, I’d have a fabulous house, but crappy kids. But I can’t always pick “help kids” either without being shut down by the board of health.

And how about this one? Read blogs, write my blog, go out and do something worth blogging about. Pick two. ‘Twas ever thus….


A note to my 5000th visitor: Yes, I know who you are. And I know where you live. If you will admit to reading my blog by posting a comment I will send you some sort of something to be determined later. Probably something grandchild themed. And yes, I know I have royally embarrassed you, but hey! What else is a family for?

Who wants to be my 5,000th visitor?

As of right now, I have had 4,998 visitors. I know, that pales in comparison to some of you out there, but considering the amount of time I put into this blog (ie, not a lot), it’s kind of cool.

So comment and I can do something to recognize you! Not sure what yet, but I’ll come up with something.

Whatever happened to Muzak?

Remember that? That blandly inoffensive music that would accompany you while you shopped or rode in vertical transport vehicles? It seems to be gone. Not entirely, I mean the Muzak company still exists and they still sell background music, but what is considered background music these days seems a little odd. At least to me anyway.

When I was walking into my local grocery store today, I was welcomed by the dulcet tones of Billy Idol singing “Rebel Yell”. In the past I have heard Warren Zevon, the Killers, Aerosmith (who seems to be the champion of selling out btw), and Rush, just to name a tiny few.

Granted, I like the more modern soundtracks. It is fun to be bopping through the store singing some of my favorite songs. On more than one occasion I have been busted while performing my own rendition of “Walking on Sunshine” or “Take On Me”. But there are days when I hear some pretty hard stuff and all I can think of is how the mighty have fallen. One day, blasting out the amps in 50,000 seat arenas. The next, getting interrupted by “clean-up in aisle 1!”.

But I guess they’re getting royalty payments out of the deal, so I shouldn’t feel so bad for them.

Haiku Friday 6/20/08

Haiku Friday

Here is the before.
Time to give it a new look.
Tell me what you think.

Wish this was after.
It is more like a during.
Have more to finish.

But as you can see
The final result will rock
When I am finished.

But as usual
These projects tend to mushroom.
Fridge and stove don’t match.

Those will have to wait
Until next Home Depot sale.
Later in the year.

But micro is new
Happy day for me!

My newer reader
May not know dishwasher tale.
So read this and this.

The hardest thing to do.

This week’s Hump Day Hmm topic: “How far would you go for your kids/family/loved one/self?” I vary the who it is because really, that’s up to you, as is the interpretation of the question. Maybe it’s 500 miles through a hot and crowded zoo. Maybe it’s a move to another country. Maybe it’s setting aside something you do. Maybe it’s a life change, such as getting sober. How far would you go? Far enough to talk about it? Check out more participants at Using My Words

When I had my kids, I became a total MamaBear. I always did everything I could for them and didn’t regret it one bit. There are lots of MamaBears (and PapaBears) here in Stepford who are always making sure that their kids are having the perfect childhood experience. As I am watching these children grow older, and as I am watching my children grow older, I am having a new revelation.

The best thing I can do for my kids is nothing.

Don’t get me wrong here. When I say “nothing”, that doesn’t mean that I won’t make sure they are in the best school possible, or have the OT they need for their dysgraphia, get them music lessons, take them to Verdi concerts, and stuff like that. What I mean is that I will let them fight their own battles, get a taste of failure, and basically have a few hard knocks.

Believe it or not, sitting back and doing nothing is really, really, hard. It is a lot harder than stepping in and taking over. Taking over and doing things yourself might be faster and easier in the short term, but when you do that, your child will never grow up. They will always be needing an active parent, even when they are well past the age they should need one. There are more than a few articles out there these days about the children of Helicopter Parents and how they are having a hard time growing up.

Sure, it’s hard to watch your kid mess up on a school project, especially since you just KNOW that so many other parents will go in there and do it for their kids. But it is the wrong answer. They have to understand that mommy and daddy won’t be there to bail them out forever, and that lesson is a lot easier to learn at 10 than at 20. The same goes with personality problems at school. You can’t step in (unless it is outright bullying or harassment, but I think you understand what I’m talking about here) to solve every hurt feeling in the classroom or on the playground. If you do that, your child won’t develop the skills to judge the character of those around them, or to learn to stand up for themselves.

The natural instinct of the MamaBear is to protect her child from every hurt, bump, bruise, and inconvenience, but the truth of the matter is some of those hurts are necessary for the BabyBear to grow. In order to let those things happen, the MamaBear has to sit back and occasionally do nothing. And nothing can be the hardest thing to do.