Virtual Book Club Here!

Hey there!

This is where VBC will be. If you want to look at some questions, try One Minute Book Reviews.

We’re going to do this chat-room style this time. But I am warning you, when you come onto the page later, the chat room window won’t be here. It tends to float and I honestly don’t know if I can figure out how to fix that before tonight. Last time I checked, it kept popping up at the bottom right of the screen. So look there. But when you find it, click on the full screen button, and it will fill your screen with book club goodness.

See ya later!


2 responses to “Virtual Book Club Here!


    I’ll see if I’m intelligent enough to 1. figure out this thing & 2. capable of hanging with you in a book discussion.

  2. Rob and I are excited ot come.

    We’re starting now to put our kiddos to bed, so we will be able to come. We’ll see how that goes. I hope I can find the chat room!

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