I need adult supervision.

Spouse is out of town this week, and this means one thing: DIY.

I undertake a lot of projects when Spouse leaves. And not just little ones, either. Ginormous (I’m so glad that’s now an official word) can’t go back on type projects. Like ripping down the ghastly wallpaper in the kitchen and retexturing/painting.

So, what am I doing now? (Spouse is totally sweating it out right about now….:))

Nothing. (Sigh of relief from Spouse)

Of course that didn’t stop me from wandering the aisles of Home Depot today, just ooohing and aaaahing over the possibilities.

I wander HD like some people go to the mall. I just look around, check out the fixtures, the flooring, just taking it all in. Of course, most people don’t walk the mall with a notepad to write down price estimates to mull over later….

And then I wander into the paint section. This is where the danger lurks. I LOVE to paint. And as far as home projects go, it is a quick fix. It’s pretty cheap and the results are dramatic. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to change.

But I did find some great tile for our bath (on sale!), the right color stain for our kitchen cabinets, and some ideas for our bed/bath. I didn’t buy anything. Yet. I’m trying to decide if I want to redo the cabinets before…well that’s another blog post. 🙂

But I’m glad this is a short trip. Without adult supervision, I might just go off and start something that I’ll have to finish. Because it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Right, Spouse? 🙂


3 responses to “I need adult supervision.

  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com

    Oh Oh. Naughty naughty. Did you pick a book?

  2. ha ha ha – I am not of that mould (is that the correct spelling – I don’t mean spore), but I can understand.

    I went to a Bunnings recently and asked about DIY classes. The man asked what I wanted to learn, and I said “anything that will scare my partner into finishing a project under the threat of me helping.”

  3. painted maypole

    i painted the living room, kitchen and eating area in a 3 day blitz while hubby was out of town once (then flew to meet him in CA) wehn we came home he wigged out, because he knew something was different but it took him a while to figure out what it was

    (by the way, the paint colors were all previously agreed on, we were just planning to do it later. I just surprised him and did it earlier)

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