I suppose there could be a worse reason….

So we’re on our way home from school today, and I have the classical station on. A spot publicizing some concert comes on as I’m turning off the car. As I kill the engine, Thing 1 yells: “STOP! We have to go to that!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Turn the car back on!”

So I turn the car back on and the spot is talking about Conspirare performing Verdi’s Requiem on 6/21. (As an aside, how many other words do you know that have three vowels in a row?)

“Can we go, Mom? Please? We just have to!”

Now I’m all for culture, but just WHY is a ten year old boy jumping at the bit to see a performance of Verdi’s Requiem?

“Well, I’ll check the schedule, but I don’t see why not. Why are you so interested?”

“Because it’s the theme music to Quidditch World Cup! I love that game!”

So he runs upstairs, fires up the Wii, pops in the disk, and sure enough, it is.

My child is learning about classical music from video games. That’s just wrong. He’s supposed to learn it from Warner Bros. cartoons. These kids today, sheesh…..

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One response to “I suppose there could be a worse reason….

  1. painted maypole

    my daughter hears classical music and says “that’s from little einsteins!”

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