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Virtual Book Club!

Yes, I’m going to do another one! Really! Honestly! For sure for real!

Mark August 29 8 pm CST on your calendars. We’ll use the chatroom software again so it’s more of a free flowing discussion.

The book? Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen.

“See” ya there.


My Glass House. Let me show you it.

Today, I hang my head in shame. After poking fun at ZenPuppy and Fortifido, I went and did this. Some of you may recognize the brand name, but for those of you who do not, 365 is the house brand of (wait for it….) Whole Foods Market.

I’m sorry, can you say that a little louder Mel, didn’t quite hear you. Did you say Whole Foods Market? Are you telling me that you bought ORGANIC CAT FOOD!?

Yes. Today I bought my cat food at WFM.

In my defense, that bag of food was only $2.49. A similar size bag of Iams, which I usually buy, is $6.50. I figure a four dollar price difference made this worth a shot. Right? Even if I did buy it from WFM? That doesn’t make me a crazy cat lady, does it? The organic nature of the product had nothing to do with my decision to buy it. It was strictly economics. Really.

You may commence with the rock throwing.

It’s not about me.

This week’s Hum Day Hmm: what stunning realization has enlightened you recently or at some point in your life and caused you to take a turn, either in your life path or in your thinking? And…what happened next? If you’ve come to the realization that you need to participate, or read other takes on this topic, visit Julie at Using My Words.

The happiest day of my life came when I finally realized that it wasn’t about me.

What do I mean by that? I mean that people do not obsess about what I say or do or wear or think, so long as I don’t run around naked and scream obscenities at the top of my voice.

And why isn’t it about me? Because people are too wrapped up in themselves to worry about what I’m doing.

This was a singularly liberating experience.

I’m so much more relaxed now. It’s a lot easier to just be myself. I don’t feel pressure to go and buy a new outfit for every social occasion, although it is fun to do so at times. I don’t take things that people say to me personally, because usually what they say is more about their feelings, not my actions. I don’t worry about saying something out of place, because I can’t control how someone hears my words. I feel a lot more confident. And, ironically, that leaves a better impression on people than anything else.

So now, I just do my thing. I live my life the best I can. And I’m enjoying it immensely along the way.

Mini Book Review: Billy Bathgate

Well, I finished the first book from my reading challenge list and it was Billy Bathgate, by E L Doctorow. This is the story of Billy who is a teenager in pre-WWII New York (never could ascertain the exact year) and finds himself immersed in the gangster culture. It’s told from his point of view and it offers some fascinating observations of the characters around him.

To be honest, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. The prose was written in a style that I’m not entirely comfortable with, and the dialogue gets kind of mixed in and I guess you’d have to read it to understand exactly what I’m talking about. But the descriptions are amazing and the plot is compelling, even if at a certain point you know how this story has to end. But you read and enjoy the story anyway.

Even though it’s not anywhere near my top list, I can respect it for being a great work of fiction. If fiction based during this time frame is your cup of tea, this is an excellent sample of the breed.

The next book on my list is Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen. It is also for my neighborhood bookclub. I think I will make it the next Virtual Book Club. No, really! I actually intend on having one soon! It’s just been such a crazy summer. I’m thinking of August 29? Give everyone plenty of time to read this? What do you think?

One Hundred Word Challenge, II

This is my second try at the One Hundred Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity. Check it out; it’s pretty cool. Everyone has such a different way of going about this. Anyway, here is mine…Oh, and this week’s word? PILLAR.


“Wasn’t she a picky one? She was a Bridezilla if there ever was one.”

“Amen to that. ‘I don’t want to see a pillar out of place on the cake’ Good grief.”

“What is it lately with these brides? So many of them today spend more time planning the wedding than the marriage.”

“I’ll bet you that she doesn’t put half as much effort into the marriage as she has for the wedding. We’ll be seein’ her here for one of those ‘Divorce Cakes’ in three years.”

“You’ll have no takers on that one, Marie. I don’t take sucker bets.”

Catching up…

I messed up with blogger scheduler and the posts I had scheduled while I was away for the past few days didn’t post. It’s just as well, since I have something else I’d rather discuss.

Randy Pausch. For those who are new to TWIL, our last Virtual Book Club was on his “Last Lecture”. It was a fabulous book. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend you do so.

Randy Pausch was a special, talented man. It is very sad that it took such a situation to bring him to the attention of the world. The world is a lesser place now that he is not in it. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

May I get you a tasty beverage?

During our last visit to the grocery aisles, we discovered the Zen Puppy dog treats. After your dog has a few of these, he’s bound to be thirsty, so he’ll need something to drink. I am glad to say that now your dog will not go thirsty. I present to you:

Fortifido Purified Water for Dogs

After a long walk, your pooch is bound to need some hydration. If plain old tap water isn’t good enough for you, why should it be good enough for fido? Fortifido comes in four flavors:

There is Lemongrass flavor to help with your joints. Peanut butter flavor, for healthy bones.

Parsley flavor, for healthy skin. And Spearmint flavor, for fresh breath.

Don’t keep your pooch parched! Be sure they stay hydrated with Fortifido!

And no. I’m not sure why this stuff jumps out at me either. It’s a gift. Or something.