Friday Haiku 7/11/08

Haiku Friday

Hello, bloggy friends!
I am not a good blogger.
Yes, I know it’s true.

People visit me.
I try to visit them back.
Usually just once.

And why is that, friends?
Because until yesterday
Did not use Reader.

But now I have it
On my iGoogle homepage
And it’s about time.

And Reader Mobile?
Is going to be so cool.
New addiction here.

Building up my list.
Looking forward to keeping up
With all of you!

Looking for other Haiku? You know, ones that are written by people that will actually go back to your site in a timely manner and comment and stuff? Not that I won’t, I will, but it will probably be like Tuesday or something like that since I still have a few more cabinets to finish and want to finish that this weekend. See what I mean? Bad Bloggy friend am I! Was there a point here? Oh yeah! Check out A Mommy Story and Playgroups are no Place for Children for more Haiku!


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