In Praise of Craigslist

When you have need to sell your extra stuff
The net has a great place for you to go.
It’s free and easy to set up your post.
The name is Craigslist if you did not know.

Each town has a site custom made for them.
And Austin’s has been oh so good for me.
I’ve always been successful with my sales.
Look at my recent tale and you will see.

On Friday found a great deal on a fridge.
Ahead of schedule, truth be made to tell.
So even though I had found my dream fridge
I still had my good old one left to sell.

On Friday put the posting up by five.
Would buyers check me out I had no clue.
But Craigslist came through for me once again.
The fridge was gone on Saturday by two.

So next time extra stuff has got you down
And extra cash would make you jump with glee.
Log on to Craigslist and just post an ad
And it will work for you as well you’ll see.


thankyou. thankyouverymuch.


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