100 Word Challenge: Treasures

So I’ve been looking for writing challenges recently, and I found a good one at Velvet Verbosity. The challenge: write 100 words on a one word prompt. This week’s word was “treasures”. Since this is my first attempt at such a thing, please be gentle!


I walked into the room, and placed the box my grandmother had asked me to bring on the table.

“Sit, sit.” She said.

I did. She was quite good at building the suspense here. The box gave no clue as to what could be inside. I could have sneaked a peek, but that would have been rude. If she had something she wanted to share with me, I could be patient.

“The greatest treasures I have are in this box. Shall we have a look?”

And as she opened up the box, a look of pure joy crossed her face.


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