Friday Haiku 7/18/08

Haiku Friday

A confused peacock
Fell in love with my blue car.
But he’s not her type.

Tried to shoo away.
He kept coming back for more.
Could not take a hint.

Ten minutes later
With some help from passers by
At last could go home.

I took this on the last day of art camp a few weeks ago. There are peacocks roaming the grounds and it appears that one of them took a shine to my vehicle. In a big way. Other people told me he had been hanging out by my car the entire time it was parked there. He was a persistent little cuss, too. I hope he’s gotten over us. šŸ™‚

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2 responses to “Friday Haiku 7/18/08

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  2. That little peacock is too cute, falling in love with your blue car. It’s quite a beautiful shade of blue too…I can see why he was attracted to it.

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