The little blue box.

Number three of the vacation posts. I think I have at least one more, maybe two, in me. We’ll see. šŸ™‚

Ok, now that’s what Austin is missing: Good breakfast joints. There’s just Kerbey Lane and everyone eats there, so it’s ungodly mobbed.”

We had just walked out of Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe. After an amazing breakfast of raspberry pancakes (me) and apple oat pancakes (spouse), we were in desperate need of a serious walk. It was almost 9:30 in the morning on a Monday in Pacific Grove. We had seen lots of shops that we were interested in checking out that day, so we were excited about our upcoming stroll. But there was a small problem.

Ok, what time does this shop open?” I asked.

Umm, looks like 11:30″.

“You’re kidding! This is worse than Italy! 11:30!”

“I know. I guess we’re just not cut out for the laid back life.”

“I’ll say. Let’s go back to Carmel. A lot of the shops were closed yesterday, so maybe we can catch some we didn’t get yesterday.”

“Sounds good. Any that you had in mind?”

“Well, there were a couple of galleries, and of course Tiffany’s.”

Spouse chuckles. “Of course. I didn’t see that yesterday.”

“Of course you didn’t. I was looking at the stores. You were scoping parking places.”

“That’s true. What is your deal about Tiffany anyway?”

“I dunno. It’s just the allure of the Blue Box. Maybe they’d let me buy a bag so I could walk down the street in Carmel with a Tiffany bag. You know, so everyone’d be jealous and wonder what was in the bag.”

“HA! I knew it! Let’s go.”

So we hopped into our rent-a-mustang and drove the ten minutes to Carmel. After finally finding a parking space, we began our second stroll through the streets of Carmel.

We checked out art galleries, this really amazing furniture store, and an air memorabilia store, just to name a few. I was actively searching for something to take home with us as a souvenir. There were some interesting wooden bowls in one store. The model of the X-1 aircraft signed by Chuck Yeager was also tempting. But so far nothing good.

There are an awful lot of estate jewelry stores along the strip. We were having fun talking style with a lot of the shopkeepers. It was almost like we knew what we were talking about.

“I thought you said there was a Tiffany’s here.”

“There is. It’s just at the beginning of the strip and we haven’t gotten there yet.”

“Oh. Well, let’s head there, and then get some lunch.”

The burly security guard greeted us at the door with a smile. We started to peruse the cases, checking out all of the wares. One of the rings really got my attention.

“Spouse, check this one out.”

“That’s pretty cool. Try it on.”

Ok. Don’t have to ask me twice.”

So I tried it on. Sadly it just didn’t work for me. I have really long fingers and this ring was just lost on my hand. Oh well.

So we kept looking at the collections. The men’s watches are just absolutely beautiful. The Tiffany 1837 Collection kind of looks like something out of the ‘hood. Kind of like all of the new Coach stuff. Blech.

So we’re finishing our last pass through the store. I stop at one last case and something else catches my eye. After trying on the first ring, we definitely had a shadow so she was ready to help again. I’m not sure why she glommed on to us, but she did. Maybe it was my shirt, which I had at last noticed was Tiffany blue.

“Oh, I’ve noticed you really like the Elsa Peretti collection.”

“Yes, I do. It’s very unique. “

“Is there something you’d like to try on in here?”

“Well, that piece really intrigues me. I saw a picture of it in the Wall Street Journal and it’s really my style. Sure, why not.”

She pulled out the ring, polished it up a bit, not that it needed it, and handed it to me.

I slipped it on my hand at about the same time Spouse rejoined me. He had been chatting with another salesperson back in the watches.

“Wow,” he said. “That’s a great piece on you. It was just made for your hand.”

“Yeah, it’s really nice.” I just took a moment and admired.

“How much is it?” he asked the salesperson.

She told him the price. It wasn’t that bad. Not at all.

“You want it?”

“Are you serious?”

“Well, it IS our anniversary. Fifteen you know.”

“Yeah, but…really?”

“If you want it.”

“You know, I want to think about it. Let’s eat lunch first. Then if I still really want it, we’ll come back.”

Spouse sighed. He knows I do this to talk myself out of stuff.

I handed the ring back to the incredulous salesperson. I think she thought she had a sale on this one for sure. We said good-bye to burly guard and left the store.

“Look, Spouse! Another kick-dog.” The amount of small dogs in Carmel was incredible. Large dogs, too. There were just an amazing amount of animals on leashes to be seen. Even a cat. But Spouse was having none of it.

“Mel, that was an incredible ring. It was just perfect for you.”

“Yeah, but it’s a heck of an impulse buy.”

“It’s not impulse. It’s our anniversary. If you want it, it’s yours.”

“Seriously?” I had already turned around back toward the store. We had gone about 150 feet.

“Hey! Welcome back!” The guard didn’t look all that surprised to see us.

Neither did the salesperson.

“Back so soon? That was a quick lunch.”

“Lunch can wait. This can’t. We’ll take that ring.”

“Certainly. Let me ring it up.” I don’t think she had even put it away yet.

We completed the transaction and I got to walk down one of the most famous drags in the world carrying a little blue box in a little blue bag.


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