May I get you a tasty beverage?

During our last visit to the grocery aisles, we discovered the Zen Puppy dog treats. After your dog has a few of these, he’s bound to be thirsty, so he’ll need something to drink. I am glad to say that now your dog will not go thirsty. I present to you:

Fortifido Purified Water for Dogs

After a long walk, your pooch is bound to need some hydration. If plain old tap water isn’t good enough for you, why should it be good enough for fido? Fortifido comes in four flavors:

There is Lemongrass flavor to help with your joints. Peanut butter flavor, for healthy bones.

Parsley flavor, for healthy skin. And Spearmint flavor, for fresh breath.

Don’t keep your pooch parched! Be sure they stay hydrated with Fortifido!

And no. I’m not sure why this stuff jumps out at me either. It’s a gift. Or something.


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