One Hundred Word Challenge, II

This is my second try at the One Hundred Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity. Check it out; it’s pretty cool. Everyone has such a different way of going about this. Anyway, here is mine…Oh, and this week’s word? PILLAR.


“Wasn’t she a picky one? She was a Bridezilla if there ever was one.”

“Amen to that. ‘I don’t want to see a pillar out of place on the cake’ Good grief.”

“What is it lately with these brides? So many of them today spend more time planning the wedding than the marriage.”

“I’ll bet you that she doesn’t put half as much effort into the marriage as she has for the wedding. We’ll be seein’ her here for one of those ‘Divorce Cakes’ in three years.”

“You’ll have no takers on that one, Marie. I don’t take sucker bets.”


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