Vacation Prep Haiku

Haiku Friday

Summer’s almost done.
School supplies already bought.
Things are winding down.

New school for this year.
Hope things will be better there.
Crossing my fingers.

But before all that,
We’re going to Florida!
Good times await us.

First we’ll hit the beach.
Then we’ll see the space center.
Big Cat Rescue next.

After that, DISNEY!
Epcot and Magic Kingdom.
Maybe Animals.

Getting excited!
Good time will be had by all.
Best summer ever!

So that’s the summary of our trip next week. Fly into Orlando, drive to Cape Canaveral, drive to Tampa, then back to Orlando. And gas? Well, the hotel I booked in Orlando gave us gas cards with the reservation thankyouverymuch! I’m a serious bargain hunter when it comes to things like this. I also downloaded that Disneyworld Insider guide and I have learned enough to more than pay for the $20 I spent on it. Now, I just have to finish the project I’ve got going on here (isn’t there always a project?) and get packed and …..away we go!


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