Me and my little neuroses….

We leave for our vacation on Wednesday, and the other members of this household are now a little bit nervous. Why? Why would the idea of an impeding vacation make them nervous? I’m mean we’re going to Florida for goodness sakes? How bad can THAT be?

It’s not the vacation that scares them. It’s the 48 hours or so preceding it that strikes terror into their hearts. Because they know that right before I leave on any trip more than two days away from the house, I go on this mad cleaning binge. Everything must be clean before I leave. And not just tidy mind you. CLEAN.

This time, this idea is complicated by the fact I have flotsam from “Project Reorg” to deal with. I started this project last week. It seemed simple enough: Go through each room in the house in turn, deep clean and declutter it. But of course it wasn’t that simple*. So, in addition to the cleaning I will begin after this post, I have to put all of this shtuff back where it belongs first.

The kids are actually ok with all of this because I offered them cold hard cash before I started all of this. They know they haven’t earned their money yet and Disney awaits. Since they are responsible for their own souvenir purchases while there, hence their mercenary attitude.

But spouse is going to stay out of my way because this behavior trait gets to him. Last night he was telling me: “Just do what you can and the rest will still be here when you get back.” What he doesn’t understand is THAT’S THE PROBLEM! It will be here when we get back. I don’t want to deal with this when I get back. I have another thing I need to be getting on the stick about and I want a clean slate. So I’ll be neurotic, and he’ll roll his eyes and it’ll all work out.

I get this from my dad. He’s the same way. Anyone else like this? Please tell me that it’s not just my defective gene pool. 🙂

*In my defense here, this project should have been finished yesterday, but a combination of factors stretched it out. First, I pulled a muscle in my back. Specifically my lat. Most of the time, it’s just a little sore, so it doesn’t keep me from doing anything except maybe lifting something really heavy. But when I sneeze, cough, laugh, hiccup, or yawn, it feels like someone took a baseball bat to my side. I’m not sure exactly when I did this, but it has slowed me down a bit. I did see the doctor to make sure I hadn’t done something truly stupid like crack a rib or something. Which is entirely possible since the day before I noticed it hurting, I had asked Thing 2 to walk on my back and he did, but instead of getting off gently he jumped. Anyway, the second thing stretching out this project is scope creep. As we were going through the house, we would find stuff that we wanted to move to different rooms of the house all together, like our craft station and my desk. So we had to deal with that. And moving my desk means painting a room before the desk can be installed (it’s an elfa desk). So now the painting is done and all the moving around can happen. Wow. This aside was almost a post in and of itself. Thanks for reading it! Now, if you stopped in the middle of the post, this is where you go back and find out how neurotic I am, if you were still under the impression I was actually balanced or something.


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