Divisions of labor

Every family divides up jobs. There’s the obvious ones like lawn mowing, taking out the trash, laundry and stuff like that. Then there’s the big jobs. The really stressful jobs.

Like Vacation Planner.

I am this family’s vacation planner and let me tell you it can be so stressful.

The hopes and dreams of your family rest on you and your abilities to coordinate things like park schedules, age restrictions, driving times and hotel locations. Not a small thing.

This year, we are going to Florida. We will visit the Kennedy Space Center, the beach, Big Cat Rescue, and Disney. The trick is to do this all without taking out a second mortgage. I had some pretty good luck with this as the higher gas prices indirectly created some amazing last minute deals because people aren’t traveling as much. And I had gotten an amazing fare back in April on good ‘ol Southwest Airlines that, even then, was a lot cheaper than driving.

But vacation planning always falls to me. Once plane tickets are purchased and dates cleared with his office, Spouse considers the vacation planned. He’s very spontaneous about these things and can just go on the fly. I’m pretty spontaneous as well, but not where the kids are involved. I also like to have a rough list of things I want to do/see while I’m there. We can pick from the list on the fly, but there has to BE a list, ya know?

And Florida? Is not a place you can vacation spontaneously. Or a better way to put it is that in order not to take out the second mortgage, you can’t be as spontaneous. Things need to be purchased in advance to take advantage of good deals and avoid sudden price increases. I didn’t purchase the Disney tickets in advance because we weren’t sure if we wanted the water park option or not. So I decided to just get the park tickets there. Then Disney announced a price increase that went into affect last Sunday. That decision will now cost me about $100.* Restrictions also need to be checked. For example, when I checked the Big Cat Rescue site, I learned that children under 10 are only allowed on the Saturday 9 am tour. This totally changed our itinerary. We’re only going there because Thing 2 sponsors a cat there. If I *hadn’t* checked the site, we would have had a very disappointed Thing 2. But it’s all good now and Thing 2 will get to see his cat, Jumanji.

I don’t mind the solo planning. Much. But there are times I’d like a little more input. And not input of the “I don’t wanna do THAT” variety, some actual suggestions would be good. That way it doesn’t become MY fault if something goes amiss. I think I’m a victim of my own success here. We’ve always taken really good vacations because of my work but past performance is not always an indicator of future results, ya know?

So we’re off tomorrow! Maybe I’ll do updates, I haven’t decided yet. I’m bringing the laptop, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to blog. But I think having the laptop with me is like having an open bag of corn chips in the pantry. Just as those will get eaten, I’ll probably blog, at least once. If not, I’ll be back on the 15th!

*Does that make them rat bastards? Think about it….


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