It’s a sickness…

Can’t even go three days without sneaking a little blogging in. But I know I can quit again at anytime.

Ok, you can stop laughing now.

Anyway, quick update…

Vacation is awesome so far! The beach was great, except for the jellyfish stings (nothing major, just annoying). KSC was a total blast (hee hee rocket joke!). And now we’re in Tampa, with Big Cat Rescue on the plate for tomorrow.

I have some notes for some “real” posts for when I get back. And I am reading all of you on my mobile reader while I’m in the car with nothing else to do, I just can’t comment for beans. I tried once, but it was a major hassle so I won’t try it again. Sorry. But I did read you! Pinky swear!

But one quick thing to get off of my chest:

To the TS@ people in @ustin who were giving that poor 12 yr old boy grief in the security line becuase he didn’t look exactly like his passport photo anymore? OF COURSE he didn’t look like his passport photo! HE’S 12! You could take a picture of any kid between the ages of 11 and 16 and it isn’t going to look the same the week after you take the damn thing! So you have to make the poor kid feel like a schmuck for being an adolescent, really upset his parents, and hold up the line because why? I mean really. Do we have nothing better to do?

Oh, and it’s the second time in as many trips for me that I forgot (no, really, actually slipped my mind) to take my little plastic quart size bag out of the suitcase and have you inspect it and you didn’t call me on it. I’m just sayin’…

And if I disappear after this post, we’ll all know why…


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