One Hundred Word Challenge, III

Here is this week’s attempt at the One Hundred Word Challenge. Yes, it has replaced Friday Haiku for now. I just haven’t felt the ‘ku recently and I need to try something new. Try and hide your disappointment. If you are interested in other One Hundred Word Challenges, check out Velvet Verbosity.

This week’s word: fresh.

100 Words

He stepped out of the airport and took his first breath in his new city. His parents accused him of running away, but he wasn’t. Being laid off was an opportunity to try something new. Then his apartment went condo. When Elizabeth decided “to see other people”, he took this as a sign to seek a fresh start somewhere new.

As the cab pulled up the the curb, he felt invigorated. What new challenges awaited him? Who would he meet? What path would his life take now? There was only one way to find out.

He got in the cab.


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