Keep this away from me….

I love IKEA. I mean seriously love IKEA. I love the stores, the catalogs, the meatballs. I just love it. I find the names of the products endlessly fascinating. I would get a job there if I didn’t think I would be constantly redecorating my house and just signing over my paycheck to them.

So imagine what went through my mind when I saw this at Target:

Oh my. The amount of time I could waste on this. Blogging and Guitar Hero have NOTHING on my DIY/IKEA fetishes. I’ve never gotten into the Sims, but I was a major SimCity freak in college so I understand the appeal of such games. This plug in is really tempting. But if my friends love me, and ever want me to leave my home again, they should NOT get this for me.

I have one question though. Does it come with a little hex wrench?

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