Fly me to the moon…

Spouse and I are major space geeks. In fact, I knew he was the one when I learned that one of his favorite movies was “The Right Stuff”, too. We can quote from that movie just as easily as we can from “Holy Grail” and “Princess Bride”. So it was a total no-brainer that we would go visit the Kennedy Space Center when we were in Florida.

Since a good number of the EIGHT HUNDRED pictures we took over the vacation were here, I’ll spare you the slide show and just hit on the highlights (you’re welcome).

We took the “NASA Up Close Tour”, and I highly recommend this if you get the chance. It’s a little over two-hour bus tour that takes you out close to the launch pads and the Vehicle Assembly Building. Our tour guide was a NASA vet and the bus driver was a former NASA firefighter. The stories they told us were simply fascinating. I can only imagine what a rush it would have been to be such a part of history in the making.

And I think that’s a big part of the reason I’m such a space geek. Yeah, the technology is cool and everything but the process is what fascinates me. How all of these people came together and created something so fascinating and wonderful. And the things that came from it? And that have evolved from those things? Too innumerable to count. These advances touch every part of our lives every day. From velcro, to microwaves, to medical imaging, you use space tech daily. And yet people think NASA is a waste of money…

Anyway, I have a longer post in the works on a similar topic, so I’ll stop here and show you some more pics from our day.

The Things in a Mercury capsule. It’s a required photo. 🙂

The Vehicle Assembly Building. It’s big.

Look, those are the boosters for the next shuttle launch!

The launch pad. See, there’s like a spot that just seems to say “Insert Shuttle Here.”

And to answer your question: Yes, we saw Mythbusters last night. And the whole time, Spouse was practically yelling at the screen about how stupid the conspiracy theorists were. It was a little annoying. But also a little funny. 🙂

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