Monday Mission

Yea! The Monday Mission is back! This week’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write your post in the style of a note home from the teacher. The hostess of this meme, the wonderful Painted Maypole, is currently fleeing Gustav. Please keep her and all the others in LA in your prayers.

This one’s for you, PM.

Dear Mrs. Kane,

We at the Institute for Weather Systems (IWS) are very pleased to have your son, Gustav, in our entering class. At the IWS, we pride ourselves on helping our young systems learn to contribute to the environment in a productive manner. Our goal is to have all of our weather systems blend in and create the perfect ecosystem on our planet.

Gustav, unfortunately, has shown some tendencies that make us very concerned. On his first day, he showed an aggressive tendency that, frankly, we find quite frightening. He insists on creating patterns that are not beneficial in nature. He has in fact gone so far as to threaten innocent landmasses with complete destruction. This is not how we want our young systems using their powers.

We have seen how students like this eventually end up. Instead of joining up with a useful weather pattern and contributing to planetary harmony, they will use up their powers and then fizzle into oblivion over some land mass. This is a sad situation and we do not want to see Gustav meet the same end.

Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. We need to discuss ways we can have Gustav use his considerable talents for good instead of destruction.


Mother Nature
Headmistress, IWS

PS: Your daughter, Hannah, is displaying similar tendencies. Perhaps we should discuss her at the same time.


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