My father is a freakin’ idiot.

Yes, I just broke the Fourth Commandment. Well, that sin can just get in line with all of the other ones I’ve committed, ok? Because my father is a freakin’ idiot.

My father lives just on the other side of the bay from Galveston Island. His area is under a mandatory evacuation order because of Ike (“yep, my zip code was the first one on the list”, he said proudly). But he’s decided to stay.

Although he hasn’t said why he’s staying, I rather suspect it is to get some pictures of the hurricane. See, my dad is a rather talented amateur photographer who is looking to spread his wings and get some cred. I can totally see him thinking it’s an opportunity.

And it’s not like he’s prepared or anything. He keeps practically no food in the house (lots of wine though) and he drives this cute little Lexus convertible which has negative ground clearance. So if it floods in that area (which it probably will because he backs up to a freakin’ swamp!) he’s totally screwed.

What a dumbass. And I told him as much this morning. But he’s a big boy and I can’t stop him from doing something stupid and reckless. So I’ll just have to sit here and put on the happy face and pretend not to worry too much. As if.

I don’t need this. I already have two children and a mom that acts like a child. Sigh…

So when you’re saying your prayers for people affected by the hurricane, be sure to add a little extra for my dad. Even if he is an idiot.


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