Why do I let this bother me? Part 1

So you guys know I always keep my trusty camera phone close at hand to snap shots of things I find particularly absurd, odd, silly, or what-have-you. And I generally keep things lighthearted because, let’s be honest here, you don’t come here for the political commentary. But I have a few topics that will send me into, if not a lather, then at least a state of high annoyance.

I tried to come up with a coherent post on this one, but it just wasn’t happening. My thoughts on this subject are very complex and could probably be the subject of an entire blog. Suffice it to say, I’m bugged by this on many levels. And it probably wouldn’t have bugged me so much if I hadn’t seen what I had seen earlier (tomorrows post) to already set me on edge.

So this is what I saw in the band hall we were borrowing for orchestra practice last night:

Ok, so it’s the Pledge and the Texas Pledge. What of it? Ok, then. A close up…

Hmmm….en Espanol*.

Why do I let this bother me? Again, it is very complex. I’m Hispanic for goodness sakes. And yet this gets me on a level that is pretty hard to explain. I see stuff like this and it’s all I can do not to grab someone by the lapels and say “YOU AREN’T HELPING!” This not only encourages people not to learn English, but also gives ammunition to the wing-nuts out there who will say “Look! Now they say the Pledge in a foreign language!”


And tomorrow? Something even (in my opinion anyway) worse.

* Sorry, still don’t know how to do foreign characters in HTML. Sue me.


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