I promise that there is no debate talk here

That’s right. No political discussion here at all. Not that I don’t care, I do and I watched the debate as evidenced by my twitters to the right, but I’m not gonna talk about it. All done debatey. Instead I will talk about something that I know has been gnawing at the back of your minds for quite some time:

Seriously! Haven’t you seen these ads on late night TV? Aren’t you just the least bit curious? Don’t you want to know if you can purify in your sleep with these little beauties?

In the tradition of Banana Watch, I decided to try out the Kinoki Pads. Don’t worry, they were on special at my grocery store (yes, they do have everything there) and I had a coupon to boot. Twenty dollars is too much to spend on something like this. But seven? That’s about right for some blog fodder. So, while Spouse took a business trip recently, I decided to give these little gems a whirl. I didn’t think he needed to see me like this. Not exactly romantic, ya know?

The Kinoki Pad isn’t a pad, per se. It’s a pouch of some sort of stuff, one of which I know is lavender, that you affix to your foot thusly:

And then you go to sleep. When you wake up, you get something like this:

Now, the pouch was really soft and pliable when I put it on. Afterwards it was like a rock. Pretty strange. It also smelled like, and I am not joking here, Lays BBQ potato chips. I mean I could smell it before I took the pads off.

Anyway, I did it for five nights, using two per night. And they all looked just like that, so I’ll spare you the loading time on the pictures. They didn’t get any cleaner, they just stayed that shade of gray. I guess that means I’m a pretty toxic individual.

So, I’m done with my little experiment. Do I feel “less toxic”? Ummm…no. In fact, I don’t notice any difference at all. Except I got a little irritation on my feet from the adhesive.

The upshot? It’s all hype. Sorry. I’m sure you will sleep better with that little mystery solved. Right? 🙂

Next up: Batter Blasters


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