I didn’t know Carrie Bradshaw shopped here…

I had to go shoe shopping last week. Yes, this was a necessity trip. I really needed a pair or two of black shoes that were still intact.

I don’t like shoe shopping. This is because I wear a size 10N. Those of you out there who share this affliction understand my distaste. It’s really hard to find shoes that don’t make your feet look like skis. Actually, since stores don’t carry a lot of that size, it’s hard to find any shoes at all. In the past couple of years though, it’s gotten easier since mules are more popular and the narrow part of my foot is my heel. I can just get a 10 and not have too much trouble. I also don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes. Which considering that I usually can’t buy on sale makes things more problematic.

So while looking for shoes I found these little gems:
Pretty cute, if totally impractical. I wonder how much they are…

WTF? You have to be kidding me!!

Then there were these:

Also pretty cute. Dare I look?

Oh.My.God. For shoes.

I mean COME ON! I realize that a good pair of shoes can be expensive. Not a problem. But doesn’t this seem excessive? Just a tad?

But then again, maybe seeing something like this is a good thing. All we’re hearing right now is gloom and doom on the financial front and that things are going to get worse before they get better. When you see something so frivolous like this, you can kind of dream and forget about that for a little bit. At the very least, it’s good for a laugh. Or a lame blog post.

As for me, I found my shoes at Marshall’s. Which was waaaay more crowded than the mall. Says a lot, doesn’t it?


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