Much Ado About Nothing?

So I went to my book club tonight (Much Ado About Nothing, if you must know), and after we finished talking about the play, the topic shifted to politics. I should have left right then, seeing as I am the only Democrat for about five square miles, but I stayed.

It isn’t so much that they are “conservative” that bugs me. It’s that some of them bought into the “Real Americans” crap that is being spewed right now.

Really? “Real Americans”? Do people not realize what a slippery slope that is? And don’t tell me that kind of talk is just campaign rhetoric. People are scared right now and looking for “someone” to blame, so let’s blame the people who aren’t “Real Americans”. There were people in the room I was in that agreed that some people aren’t “Real Americans”. Who the hell decides who is a “Real American”? And what happens to you if you aren’t?

I only wish it were “Much Ado About Nothing”, but that kind of talk scares me to my core. Because by these people’s definition, I am not one of them. Don’t tell me that “it can’t happen here”, because it already has. Ask any Japanese person here during WWII.

I didn’t want to get political. This blog is supposed to be about dog treats and kinoki pads, not this. But when I see the fear and anger this campaign season has stoked, it makes me so sad and afraid for what we are turning into. Because no matter who wins, I’m afraid that rhetoric isn’t going away any time soon.

No great conclusion to tie things up here. It’s late, I’m tired, and I had three sangrias. Possibly four. I just needed to get this off of my chest. Thanks for listening.


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