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Have they NOT been paying attention?

Credit card and home equity offers. From the mail today. After I took this picture, I got to my desk and found three more that I just hadn’t pitched yet. The mind boggles…


Pie Chart

Happy Thanksgiving!

A quick glimpse of Thanksgiving at my place.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

T-day checklist

Pies: baked

Side dishes: outsourced to guests

Serving dishes: ready

Table: ready to be set

Kid’s rooms: clean

Clutter: managed

Turkey: waiting and ready

Roger that.

You are a go for turkey! Enjoy!



Twizzler is a six month old licorice rat snake. He (?) likes to be handled, but not so much on the photographs. I thought taking pictures of a cat was hard….

Anyway, so far so good. We had the temp on his cage a little too low, so he kind of went into hibernation mode there, which means he refused his food when we tried to feed him a few days ago. But we increased the temperature and we’ll try again on Friday, which will be two weeks since he last ate. He should be good and hungry by then.

He likes his “tree” in his cage and can usually be found there. And the cats? Snort. All that worry was for nothing. They totally ignore the cage set up, which is good. We still have pretty strict handling rules though. Most important: Twizzler only comes out when a grown up is present.

All in all, I’m glad we did it. Thing 2 needs help taking care of him for now, he doesn’t even have the finger strength to open up the cage by himself, but I feel secure that he won’t tire of him and when the time comes he will be handle the responsibility.

But I still can’t believe we own a snake….

It’s getting late…

And I still haven’t posted. I’ve tried doing a couple of memes that are out there, but I just don’t have it in me today I guess.

But Melissa, you ask, where is the frickin’ snake? You went on and on about this damn thing and you still haven’t posted about it. Yeah, I know. That will come tomorrow, I promise. We’re having some acclimation issues (apparently we had the temp down too low in the cage), but it’s all better now.

One disturbing thing: Thing 2 insisted on naming the mouse we bought for the snake. I mean really. I’m having a few issues with this as it is without him naming the snake’s food. I don’t name my hamburgers before I eat them. That was just odd.

So. Tomorrow. Snakes. I promise.


Actual conversation

Location: Upscale furniture consignment store

Players: Me, Spouse, and the sales person, who, shall we say, appears to play for “the other team” (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Me: Oooooh! Check out this headboard. It’s fantastic!

Spouse: That is a very nice piece.

Sales Person: This is a fabulous piece! Do you have any questions about it?

Me: What size is this?

SP: It’s a king.

Me: Oh, bummer. We’d need a queen.

SP: Oh, don’t worry, we have lots of queens here.

Me: *chokes on drink*

Spouse: *blink blink* I’m sure you do…