And so it begins….

Hello, NaBlo. And NaNo.

Crikey, what was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that if I really want to do this writing thing, I really need to get on the stick about it, and what better way than a challenge and a deadline. So there ya go.

So. Time to go and join new groups and all of that stuff. I did some clean-up on the blog today so it’s all spiffy for the visitors. One thing I am still working on is my blogroll. I really need to do something about that as it would be too long to list each of the blogs. If you know of a blogroll randomizer for Blogger, please let me know.

Wow. What a lame post to start off the month. I’ll do a better one later, but today is a busy day and I didn’t want this to fall through the cracks. That would be pretty embarrassing to blow (haha) this on the first day.

If you are a first time visitor, welcome. Check out my fave posts to get a better feel for what goes on around here. And be sure to leave a link so I can visit you, too.


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