This is so not fair. I have nothing to write about ! Not a frickin’ thing! I mean I guess I could go through my phone and find some stuff, but the kids are having a sleepover and I can’t get too involved in blogging tonight. Which is unfortunate because I’m waaaay behind on reading blogs. Would it be wrong to mark all as read at this point?

I can’t decide if NaBlo is coming at a good or bad time for me this year. October was not a particularly good month for me in a lot of areas. Not that anything bad happened, per se, but I had this level of ennui that was a little disturbing. I was bad at commenting, returning comments and emails, my cello practice was off, and the house, well, let’s just not go there. Nothing seemed to click.

But now it’s November. A new month and two new challenges for me. I’m hoping that NaBlo will bring back some of the blogging mojo for me. NaNo should be interesting. I have an outline of a novel that I worked on back in April, but haven’t really had the chance to do anything with since. I’m hoping that NaNo will change that. If I can just get a first draft, then I’ll be really pleased as I’ve never really tried to do anything like that before. Don’t worry, I’ll post chapters for you to read as the month goes on. 🙂

I think I need to use this month to get myself back on track in a lot of areas. Nothing like a public challenge to inspire you, right?

Oh, and the Blogger post scheduling feature? Rocks!


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