Guest Post for NaBLo…

I am still dealing with an injury of my anterior blogeous and can’t come up with any good posts as a result. So, in an effort to save my NaBlo, I have handed the computer over to my erstwhile blogging and practice companion, Chase the Cat. Take it away, Chase!

Yo. Chase the Cat here. It’s been a while since Mel has let me have control over the keys. Things sure have changed around here since then. She’s done some decorating, and she has upped the picture content on the blog since I was last here, which is good. But she still has a long way to go to save herself from lameness. Seriously. The only way she can get more than ten comments around here is to give stuff away. But she does make a mean cookie, so at least you got some good stuff out of it.

What have I been up to? Well, I’m a cat, so that means I sleep in sunbeams and chase the occasional bug that makes the mistake of passing through our doors. I also like to play with little rubber snakes. See there:

a little slice of heaven. What’s even more fun is to play with them all over the house and then take them to the water dish and drown them, like so.

Let me tell you, that’s the most fun a cat can have without a controlled substance. Which brings me to a topic that has been of much debate here in TWIL land over the past few weeks.

Thing 2 wants to get a snake. A real live snake. They’re thinking of a milk or a rat snake since those only get to be about four feet long. Yeah, it eats fuzzies, so that would require some logistics until it reaches it’s full size and doesn’t need to eat as frequently, but they have worked out most of those logistical details. Thing 2 has wanted a snake for over a year now. They aren’t opposed to the idea on principle. Their biggest issue appears to be me.

For some strange reason, they think that *I* am going to try and eat this snake. Can you believe that? Me, go after a snake? They think that just because I go and open the drawers where the rubber snakes are kept when I haven’t dragged them all over the house, that I am going to try and eat this live one. Or at the very least terrorize it in the attempt. Ya see, Mel has actually designed this clever little snake cage bookcase thingy that would make it very cat-resistant. There is no way I’m getting into this thing without thumbs, which sadly I do not have. Any-way, I just want to put something out there for the record.

I am a male, neutered cat. That means that I am just about the laziest thing on the planet. Sure I like to play with the rubber snakes and all, but there’s no work involved there. I don’t have to chase it or anything. They are just there for the taking. Now a snake in a cage? Totally different deal. That requires work, which I am just not interested in. I’m pretty sure they don’t have to worry about me.

So here’s their dilemma. Thing 2 is a really good kid. Gets excellent grades (the lowest grade on his report card was a 97), basically does his chores (he is nine after all…still has some issues there), isn’t a behavior problem in any way. He is sooo low maintenance as compared to Thing 1. They do all kinds of stuff with Thing 1 and Thing 2 gets left out a lot. They try and be fair, but Thing 2 just doesn’t ask for a lot to begin with. Like I said, low maintenance. Honestly, this snake is the first thing Thing 2 has really ever asked for. But a snake is high maintenance and kind of expensive. If things don’t work out well, getting out of the situation is really hard. On the other hand, they did so much with Thing 1’s soccer and other activities and he got what he reallyreally wanted for his birthday, even if it was a bit expensive.

So they’ve been hemming and hawing for weeks over this. It’s also hard on the poor kid because if they say no at this point, which they just might, he is going to be in for a major disappointment.

Can you give them some help here? Some advice maybe? It’s time to make a decision already and move on. Really. His birthday is on Thursday, so make it quick.

Well, I’m outta here. The sun is starting to hit Thing 1’s loft bed at just the right angle. Gotta snooze.

Chase out.


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