Ok, last political post. I promise.

But this was really funny. At least to me. 🙂 Let this be a reminder to go out and vote today, if you haven’t already.

This is a writing assignment that Thing 1 did. He is in fifth grade. I am typing it exactly as written.

I think that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are good for the office of President and Vice President. Originally, I would have gone with John McCain and Sarah Palin, but Sarah Palin can’t pronounce nuculer power correctly. Joe Biden had a debate with Sarah Palin. I’m surprised she didn’t run off the stage crying. Then last night John McCain and Barack Obama had a debate. Boy that was good. John McCain looked terrible. He didn’t even answer half the questions! That’s one of two reasons I’m a democrat.

I never found out the second reason. And yes, he did spell it “nuculer” in the original.

So, are you planning on watching returns tonight? I may pass on the whole thing. Maybe play some Guitar Hero instead. I’m not sure I can bear it…


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