I *heart* Michelle Obama

Seriously. I had a favorable opinion of her before. You know, smart, strong, all that good stuff. But what clinched the deal was finding out about the parent teacher conference. (You have to follow the link and look at the picture or the rest of this makes no sense and Reuters is too smart to allow you to cut and paste pictures.)

Yeah, I’m sure that was a little contrived on his part, I’m not that naive. BUT CHECK OUT HER OUTFIT! Yes, that’s her! OMG! Do not lie to me and tell me that you’ve never gone to your child’s school looking like that. Heck, I did that yesterday, and then they dragged me out of the library room where I was working because they needed a sub!

So, Michelle, if you’re ever in Austin, I will so take you to Starbucks.

Edited to add: To be fair, I like Laura Bush, too. She’s done some really great things with literacy. Her husband is a bit of a goofball though. I’m just not extending any invitations to Starbucks to her.


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