Monday Mission: You Are A Winner!

Today’s Monday Mission: Write your post in the form of a congratulatory letter. For more of these, check out Painted Maypole.

Oh, and can you guess how *my* day went today?

Dear Parents:

CONGRATULATIONS! You are the winner of a TWEEN BOY!

TWEEN BOYS are very special prize indeed. With your TWEEN BOY, each day will be an adventure! One day, you’ll get the sweet, loving boy you’ve always had. The next day, you’ll get a glimpse of the mature, responsible adult he will turn out to be. And on some days, you’ll be treated to a snarling hell-beast bent on the destruction of your sanity! If you are a truly lucky winner, you will get to experience all three of these in the same day, sometimes even the same hour!

You don’t need to do anything to collect your prize because your TWEEN BOY is already in your home! Isn’t that convenient?

Since you have already won your TWEEN BOY, you will receive your TEENAGER upgrade automatically! No forms to fill out or shipping costs to pay.

Once again, congratulations! I’m sure your TWEEN BOY will give you pride, thrills, joy, and anxiety for years to come!

The Karmic Prize Department

PS: We see you are already entered in the drawing for another TWEEN BOY! Let me extend our congratulations now for your future win! How lucky you are to have won this prize twice! Expect his delivery in about eighteen months.


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