Curse you NaBlo!

Because on days like today when there isn’t much to say, you have to make yourself look like a dork and post anyway. Sigh….

So I will share with you some random things that happened to me today:

* Saw a bumper sticker for Wiley Middle School. Care to guess what their mascot was? Yep, it’s the Wiley Coyotes! That was good for a chuckle and a groan.

* On a straight stretch of road I saw a flipped H2. How do you flip something that big on a straight stretch of road? On a turn I understand, but a straight?

* Carlos Santana is opening a restaurant in Austin. Carlos Santana. Ooooookay.

* I had to shop in Wal Mart today. I am not a huge fan of this store, but there ya go. Anyway, as I walked in, all of the lights stated to flicker, went out entirely for about three seconds, and then came back up. Does that mean something?

A little slice of the randomness that is my life. Enjoy!


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