Thursday Thirteen: WORLD TOUR!

One of my favorite things about blogging, besides the writing outlet and connecting with people, is checking my stats to see where visitors to this humble little site come from. Since I’m like a Q list blogger, there isn’t much to go through, which actually makes it all the more interesting. Seriously. How does a site like mine which doesn’t get that much traffic get some of the visitors I get? Kind of interesting. Anyway, here are thirteen recent visitors that came from places outside of the US and what seems to have brought them here:

1. Sydney, Australia: Deltora book review
2. Yokohama Japan: Butterfly Grove Inn
3. Burnaby, BC: LG dishwasher leak
4. Garui, India: Two Guys Making that Money
5. Montreal, Quebec: Country Girl/City Girl
6. Sydney Australia: LG dishwasher error
7. Fornebu, Norway: Deltora book review
8. Ottawa, Ontario: LG dishwasher error codes
9. Saipan: Google reader (Hi anymommy!)
10. Warsaw, Poland: Google reader (Hi Kylie!)
11. Blampied, Australia: Deltora book review
12. Aukland, NZ: LG dishwasher error codes
13. Pallvaram, India: marmiteandtea

And there ya go. The only “downside” of this little exercise is I can just HEAR Spouse saying: “See, you need to do more book reviews! Weren’t you going to devote a whole BLOG to kid book reviews? And where is that blog? Hmmmm?”


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