Because other people are lazy, I saved $475

That got your attention, didn’t it?

So my dryer became critical on Wednesday and was declared dead on Saturday. Transmission gone, what are ya gonna do, right? I had to replace my dryer last year about this time so I decided that I would just get the match to that. That was, of course, after much hemming and hawing over the pros/cons of front loading vs top loading machines which I could go on about but I won’t because the debate is over and well never mind. Right. On to the subject of this post.

As we were perusing the aisles of the local home improvement center which sponsors this year’s racing points champion, we found the washer in question. While we were waiting for someone to help us with this purchase, I happened to glance back a bit and noticed the clearance section. And to what do my wondering eyes do appear but my washer! Ok, it had a scratch on the top, but since I am going to stack them, big whoopdido. It was a return because of some service issues. But those issues had been fixed, and the unit was now selling for $475 less than retail. After talking to the sales dude, we determined that yes, the warranty was still in effect, yes I could return it in 30 days if it gave me any problems, and that yes I could get the extended warranty. So, knowing those things and that we could replace it with new if needed, we decided to take a chance on this little guy.

They delivered it this morning (at 7:30!) and all was good. But when I ran the first load, I got an error code. Many sailors blushed at that moment. Well. Now what? I did what any good internet savvy person would do and did a little research. The error code seemed to indicate a pump problem, but the pump was new. Then I found a thread saying that it was actually a hose problem, and that you had to make doubly sure of the drain hose placement. The hose didn’t look kinked to me, but I wouldn’t say it was exactly smooth either. After much futzing (and more sailors blushing), I found the optimal placement of my hose. Voila! Happy washer. Now all I have to do is secure it so I don’t have to check it each time I run a load of laundry. Oh, and I’ve run five loads since then, so I know it’s all good by this point.

So because someone got frustrated a little too soon and ditched a perfectly good dryer, I got another fantastic appliance deal. I’m thinking of offering my services to others. Any takers?

And wow, won’t we just post anything during NaBlo? Don’t worry, the snake post is coming soon. Just trying to get good pics. 🙂


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