Monday Mission: Poetic Gifts

Greetings all! The bloggy break is over. I’ll use Painted Maypole’s Monday Mission to get back into the swing of things. Today’s mission: write your post in the form of a poem. Want to see more? Then go and visit the Painted Maypole.

The tree has been put up and looks divine.
The decorations are arranged just so.
The holiday spirit is running high.
And there’s just seventeen days left to go.

I haven’t got a lick of shopping done,
But lists for gifts are made. No, honestly!
I better go and get that shopping done,
Else there will be no gifts under the tree.

And baking? Yes there’s lots of that to do.
Four types of cookies for my friends this year.
Baking for my friends is so much fun.
It’s just my way of spreading Christmas cheer.

But I’m not leaving out my bloggy friends!
Oh no, I’ll make some cookies for you, too!
That’s right! A Christmas bloggy giveaway!
Keep reading and I’ll tell you what to do!

Do you have a tradition you enjoy?
Something special with just your family?
If you will share it with your bloggy friends,
Your comment here will serve as your entry.

So remember to comment here real soon.
I’m closing the entries by noon Thursday.
I’m baking my cookies this very week,
So Saturday they can be on their way.


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