It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yes, it’s finally in full swing around here. It’s even cold, so I feel more “Christmas-y”. I don’t need it to be snowing or anything like that. I mean I do live in Texas so I’m pretty realistic about that. But having it be “not hot” is high on my list.

And part of the Christmas activities are the concerts, and we are in full concert mode here. I had one last weekend and two this weekend. The concert last weekend was the one we always play at Ft. Hood, which is about 90 miles from here. I really enjoy playing for the troops as they are a very appreciative audience. It’s just a little something I can do to give back a little.

Now, regardless of how you feel about the whole war thing, you need to be supportive of our troops. That means more than just having a little yellow ribbon on your car. These guys (and gals) signed up to do a job and we need to do right by them. And right now? That isn’t happening. There isn’t enough support for our troops or their families and that is disgusting.

What can you do? Well, there are the little things like what I am doing and what this other bloggy Melissa is doing. But what we really need to do is put pressure on the incoming administration to change things. The incoming first lady has said she is going to make the troops and their families a priority, and we need to hold her to that. That is the best way to “support our troops”.

Ok. Rant over. At least on this topic. Back to our regularly scheduled shallow programming shortly. 🙂


Ok, people? Don’t like cookies? What’s up? Or is it a lurking week for you, too? I’ve already made the first batch: Pistachio White Chocolate Chip. YUM! You have until tomorrow at noon to comment on the original post to be eligible.


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