B-cause I have nothing else to say…

I’m doing a meme. My friend at Marmite and Tea did this recently, and she was kind enough to assign me the letter “b”. Her rationale? I love books. Ok. Fair enough. Here we go!

Ten things I love that start with the letter B:

1. Boys. Specifically, my sons. As crazy as they are driving me right now, I do love them very much. And let’s not forget my “big” boy. I love him, too.

2. Barenaked Ladies. I totally love this group. I’ve seen them in concert a couple of times and they were awesome! And their bass player is amazing. Seriously! What caught my attention is that he appeared to use a French bow hold instead of a German bow hold. And that means something to maybe three others of you. Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting their next trip to Austin. Guys, that would be a hint. πŸ™‚

3. Books. Love them. I think I’m actually addicted to words on a page. When I’m upset, I’ll go and pull out an old favorite. Feeling the paper in my hands just does something for me. I’ll never get an e-reader. Just not the same…

4. Baking. I love to cook, but making cookies has a special place in my heart. Maybe I could do something with that. Oh wait! I am! I’m having a giveaway! There’s still time to enter! I’m making white chocolate pistachio, Mexican wedding, gingersnaps, and oatmeal chocolate chip. YUM!

5. Bananas. oo-oo-ee-ee. And don’t forget about banana splits. Those have a special place in Spouse’s and my courtship.

6. Blogging. Yep, I like this, too. Beats watching tv. πŸ™‚

7. Bedtime. After the kids go to bed, things finally settle down around here and it’s almost relaxing. Unfortunately, their bedtimes are getting a little later, so that time is getting a little shorter.

8. Bargains. I am the queen of bargain purchases. I think that I should offer my services to others to help them find stuff. I got my new washer for $225 at L0wes, I got my fridge for only 30% of retail at the HDepot, and scored an amazing amount of clothes for under $80 at Macy’s a few weeks ago. I love the thrill of the hunt.

9. Billy Joel. Another one of my favorite performers. Have you heard his classical style album? Fabulous! I’m just glad his daughter got her looks and his talent. It would have been very sad if that had gone the other way.

10. Bears. I love stuffed animals! In fact, they are an integral part of my Christmas decorations. I have a whole bunch of them sitting under the tree right now, just waiting for Santa to get here.

Ok, then. This was a fun meme! If you’re interested in playing, leave a comment, and I’ll assign you a letter. πŸ™‚


A few random asides….

Remember how I said I didn’t expect snow or anything? Well, apparently it snowed in Austin yesterday. Not a lot mind you, just enough to have technically snowed. Who knew?

My cats have finally discovered the snake. It was moving about and finally caught their attention. They haven’t done anything yet, but I don’t expect it to be a problem. There is no way they can get into the cage. But it is funny to watch them look at the cage. It’s like “No, honest! It was moving earlier! If we sit here long enough, it will move again. Maybe. Aw, heck with it, let’s get a snack…”


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