Status: Sheepy

Well, I finally did it. I finally joined facebook. Baaa.

“No Mel, say it isn’t so!”

Yeah, it’s true. But here’s the thing: I’m really bad at the whole social networking thing. I mean, spectacularly bad. I don’t even follow up on comments on here like I probably should. ‘Cause it’s not like I get tons of them or anything. So if you try and friend me, and I take a month to respond, it really is me and not you. I’m just really bad at it.

So, if you were so inclined, here is my profile on facebook. I’ll install a nifty widget soon to make that easier. But not today, because today involves driving to San Antonio and taking a chair to my mother’s house. Hmm…that sounds like the kind of thing I should update on my status, right? Sheesh…just more crap to update online.

Any guesses as to how facebook is going to turn out for me?

For those who are finding their way here via my facebook site: Welcome! It’s usually not this lame. Usually it’s even lame-er. 🙂 Check out the top ten posts though. That will give you more of an idea of what reallly goes on around here.


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