Well, what do you know?

It turns out you *can* get a mojo for Christmas!

Of course, it’s not called a “mojo”, per se. My mojo has a name. For privacy purposes, I’ll call her “Trixie”. Trixie the Trainer. Trixie will be coming to my house (!) twice a week for a while to help me get my mojo back. She’s also checking my food intake and workouts away from her via a website called FitDay. If you are planning on losing some weight this year, you might want to check this out. It’s fitness for the OCD. I love it. 🙂

Any-way. She’s really awesome. She even sends me text messages during the day to see how I’m doing. How cool is that? Ok, also a little annoying, but that’s her job, right?

I had a few sessions with her earlier in the month to “test” her out. After that, I talked to Spouse and he was all over the idea. A good investment in our future together. 🙂

So I’ll be talking a lot about her over the next few months, I’m sure. I lost a few pounds before Christmas and managed not to gain any over my trip, which I consider an epic win. We also have an elliptical trainer at home which I’m using every day again. How can I stand it? Well, there are a ton of tv shows that I’ve never watched that, when you take the commercials out, are the perfect length for a work out. First up: Heroes! Let’s hear it for Netflix!

So that’s it. I’m on my way to a new mojo. But I may still get that purse as a reward. 🙂


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