Monday Blahs

Not feeling particularly inspired this morning, but not wanting to leave my loyal reader with nothing to do on this glorious (NOT) Monday, I went digging through some drafts and such to find something that approached content. That’s where I found the picture I took for a meme I originally saw at Magpie Musing. This is that really cool one where you take a bunch of books, lay them on their side, and make a story about them. So, here is my attempt at that:

This was a fun little project, as I recall. I think I took this back in October with the intention of using it as a NaBlo if I needed it. Well, it’s being used today. Give it a try! I may do a few more myself. In my copious spare time, that is. đŸ™‚

***Thanks for the outpouring of sympathy about poor little Skippy. He’s doing better now. Spouse found some stuff to make all of those nasty scripts run better, so now he’s just a little slow, not freezing up. I really need to make him last until at least September, so here’s hoping…


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