And what do you think of this one….

I may have really messed this one up. You tell me…

I was a sub in PE today. Everything went really well. Except….

There was an incident.

Oh boy was there an incident. Long story short, while I was escorting this child to the office, he grabbed a hold of a pole in the walkway and wrapped himself around it. While I tried to extricate him, he started clawing and kicking at me. I then picked him up, and carried him to the office. Once in the office, I dropped him right at the assistant Principal’s door and let her deal with the rest of the situation.

I got to fill out all kinds of paperwork as you can imagine. And going over the incident with the AP, she actually came to the conclusion that I did the best I could in a bad situation. A lot of the other teachers thought it was hysterical.

My only concern is that his parents turn out to be those psycho parents that get all bent out of shape when someone tries to discipline their child. You know the ones I’m talking about. I guess I’m afraid that because I was trying to diffuse a rapidly deteriorating situation, I am going to be the one in trouble here. I told the child what I was going to do before I did it in the hopes he would make the “right choice”. Sigh….I even had told him that he wasn’t in trouble yet and he just needed to pull himself together and it would all be ok, but no.

So there ya go. What do you think? You teachers/former teachers out there: how badly did I screw this one up?


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