Lemme to sum up…

I’ve given up. I was going to do fun and exciting posts about the following topics, but I haven’t had a lot of time to do so lately. If I don’t just get something down it’ll never happen at this point. So getting on with it….

1. The Mysterious Package

I was the winner of a giveaway sponsored by the lovely and talented Anglophile Football Fanatic. What did I win? All four of the Twilight series (in hardback, no less), this really nifty hand sanitizer stuff, and this scrumptious Philosophy bath gel. Which is cool, because Philosophy is one of the few brands I can actually use without breaking out in a rash. Anyway, I got the package with all of those books during my really stressful week after the Sub Incident and it was nice to have an escape.

What did I think? It was a pretty good story, when all was said and done. Bella I don’t much care for. Too swoony, especially for someone who was supposed to be more mature. And Edward? He’s the worst kind of selfish. The kind where it seems like he’s putting you first, but the reason he’s putting you first is because of how it makes him feel. The werewolves are very cool, especially Jacob. All in all, it was actually a compelling story and world she created, so I could enjoy that, even if the characters got to me a bit. I could see that if you were reading these with a daughter, you could have pretty good discussions about the characters and their actions. So yeah, I enjoyed it. Thanks, AFF!

2. My kitty.

As of this writing Chase is still in the hospital. We hope to take him home today. He ended up having hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, which in cats is extremely serious. We were lucky to have caught it in time. The treatment consists of giving him lots of subQ fluids and enticing him to eat so as to reverse the metabolic spiral they get into. They didn’t have to insert a feeding tube, thank goodness, and he’s now eating and drinking on his own. They are going to run another blood test this afternoon to make sure the jaundice is gone and if it is he can come home. Now I’m all worried about my other cat who is freaking out because her buddy is gone. Whenever I’m home, she stays about six inches away from me at all times and if she can’t be there, she starts to yowl. That’s not annoying AT.ALL.

3. Thing 1 is now a Boy Scout!

They had their Crossover ceremony last week and it was very cool. I am so proud of him. 🙂 He earned all 20 Webelo badges! It was a fight to get that last one done, but now he’s so glad he did it and appreciates the pushing we did. He’s very stoked about being a Scout. In a few weeks, he’ll be going to Merit Badge University at UT, which is sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega chapter that Spouse and I met at. He thinks that’s cool, too. As do I.

4. My trainer.

Is totally awesome! She is full of awesomey awesomeness! (If you saw Bolt, that makes sense) How awesome is she? Well, while I was working in the library at school today (yes, I still volunteer because I am a grown up and I can put this all behind me), my freshly washed jeans fell down to about mid thigh. Fortunately, no one was in the part of the library I was in and I could recover. But having your pants fall down? Worth every freakin penny.

Ok. that brings everything kind of up to date. I went shopping and took some pictures the other day, so now you have that to look forward to. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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