Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday..

Well, I had the interview.

How did it go? I think it went really well. I’m cautiously optimistic about this. It was over an hour, but the time just flew by. It ended with the discussion of possible start dates, and when I mentioned a start date after some events I’m in charge of, they asked if something a week sooner than I suggested would be ok (which it would, I just thought 3/1 was a nice even start date for bookkeeping purposes). I feel that if I don’t get the job, then there really was a better candidate, because I didn’t leave anything on the table. Doing the post mortem, there wasn’t anything I wish I’d said, or more importantly hadn’t said. I sold myself the best I can, and now all I can do is wait for their decision. Again, I feel good because the last thing she did was verify my contact info and asked if I was going to be around on Wednesday.

I wore the dress. PP and I decided that it made a more conservative social statement than the other two choices, even if the dress showed more skin. Probably good for this group as it turns out. BTW, I’m Lutheran, too, so it wasn’t the Lutheran-ness of it all that worried me. I’ve never seriously considered working for a faith-based organization before and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But this seems like a pretty good crew and I would fit in well, even if I would work from home 90% of the time.

Thanks for all the positive vibes today. It is truly appreciated. 🙂


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