An odd day…

I had to do two things I really don’t like to do today.

These things aren’t necessarily bad things, but they kind of wig me out and if I have to do them during the course of my day, well, bleh.

1. Check out of the grocery store in a lane that sells cigarettes.

I’m not sure why this gets me so weirded out, but it does. I will stand in a longer line to avoid the whole cigarette thing. I can smell them, so maybe that’s it. Anyway, I couldn’t use the self service line because I was buying a gift card, and there were no other lines open.

2. I would have been the first car in the parent pick up line after school, but I waited in the visitor parking lot until there were about 10 cars in line.

Some parents will probably think “But what’s wrong with that”, and there are parents I know of who will wait for a hour so that they can pick up their little darling right as the bell rings. But I don’t like to be the first one in line for this. I was running errands after lunch and by the time I was done, there wasn’t any time to go home and then back up to school, so I just waited in the parking lot and read blogs off of the mobile reader.

So I’m a freak, I know. But we all have our little quirks and I guess these are just some of mine. What about you? How are you a freak?


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